JSOL Studios

JSOL Studios is a grassroots organization that is radical about centering Afro-Indigenous ancestral healing practices to promote therapeutic alliances with the outdoors and nature. We know that healing doesn’t occur in silos. It is part of one’s cultural identity and necessitates all aspects of a family, a community, a tribe and a village. We will partner with our Liberated Village scholars and families to:

  • Provide virtual/hybrid education and experiential learning in health, wellness, environmental health, herbalism and organic gardening.
  • Co-design a unique healing green and safe open space for 1 acre of raw land in South King County for Black, Brown, and Indigenous people (an Outdoor Nature Center). Liberated Village staff, parents/caregivers, and Scholars will learn about tending to the land, practicing land/labor acknowledgment, and indigenous plants/herbs/food.
  • Build a team of Liberated Village Outdoor Nature Center WellCare champions to prioritize healing, safe and culturally relevant play in communion with the environment and nature. 

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