Partners for Educational Reform & Student Success (PERSS)

PERSS are a team of educated, successful, and skilled professionals that envision community partnerships and allows all children and young people to thrive in environments where their communities and cultures are respected and nurtured. We serve scholars grades 6-12th located in Seattle and Renton School district.

We offer two programs: Woman Uninterrupted (WU) is an exciting podcast extended to girls and youth from adolescence through adulthood who need to be heard, embraced and appreciated. The participants are able to speak their hearts without fear of degradation or humiliation. Participants express how they really feel about their lives and have conversations to talk about their inner true feelings, which includes their past and current hurt, pain, grief, and fears along with the triumphs, successes, and greatness.

Healthy Living Options is a food, nutrition and well-being program that engages youth, and their families. Our program empowers families to be active in supporting their own wellness, strength and good health. We deliver our program to help them build foundations of eating healthy foods and engaging them while they are young will help them practice healthy habits for a lifetime. Our programs include hands-on cooking classes; grocery tours; distribution of healthy snacks, meals and groceries; and cultural nights where families can eat and build community together.   Click here to visit our website.

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