Liberation and Healing from Systemic Racism RFP

We are excited to share that the Best Starts for Kids Liberation and Healing from Systemic Racism request for proposal (RFP) is now open! This funding opportunity closes on June 1 at 2 PM PST, please submit your application by then.

The Best Starts for Kids Liberation and Healing from Systemic Racism (LHSR) strategy is seeking to partner with grassroots community-based organizations to collectively implement a community educational system that inspires young people, centers their culture, cultivates their brilliance, helps them find purpose, and prepares them to be productive citizens across King County!

We are seeking applicants who want to join the collective Liberated Village in developing a community-centered experiential learning education that will educate and liberate Black and brown scholars in King County.

We seek partners who share our value of sharing knowledge, skills, power, and resources and will work together towards community-centered solutions for transformative systemic change. The LHSR strategy is formerly known as TraumaInformed and Restorative Practices (TIRP).

If your organization is interested in joining a collective movement that demonstrates:

  • a love for co-creating 
  • a commitment to building authentic relationships and trust
  • a passion for finding creative solutions
  • a desire to create healthy and strong communities
  • an excitement for experiential learning
  • a belief in Black and brown excellence

We encourage you to apply!

Interested applicants can apply to provide the education and experiential learning to scholar/student, parent/guardian/family member, liberated village staff and partners and school/district staff, on multiple topics including, but not limited to: economic knowledge, education enrichment, health and wellness, social justice, urban agriculture and more.

Those interested can apply either as a Liberated Village Lead or as a Liberated Village Subject Matter Expert (SME). Lead applicants are individuals/agencies that is applying to this RFP with identified partner(s). Subject Matter Experts (Expertise from lived experience and/or education) are individuals/agencies that is applying to this RFP. Both Lead Applicants and Subject Matter Experts will provide education and experiential learning to the Liberated Village.

See the full RFP document, section III for more information about this opportunity!

Note: please create a log-in to view details and access the ZoomGrants webpage

Would you like support? Access Best Starts technical assistance!

Free application support is available for organizations interested in applying for this Best Starts funding opportunity! Best Starts partnered consultants can support by helping to determine appropriate fit between your work and this funding opportunity, providing guidance on how best to answer application questions, supporting your application development (including editing and reviewing), and supporting you in explaining your qualifications in the most clear and concise way.

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