Alan T. Sugiyama High School / ArtsEd Solutions

Alan T. Sugiyama High School in partnership with ArtsEd Solutions is a small option high school. Our focus is on working with students who prefer a small, more personalized high school environment, and students who are interested in graduation pathways in music, radio, filmmaking, and entertainment industries.

Through our unique arts-based coursework, workshops, and curriculum, we are Remixing the way learning "Looks", to enable students to see that learning through a creative lens & perspective can cultivate future careers in the arts and develop real skills and industry experience. From music and entertainment industries to performance arts, radio, and filmmaking, ATS High School at South Lake has compiled a wide variety of dedicated mentors, experts and working artists, focused specifically on teaching industry-based skills that lead to real-world work opportunities, and creating post-secondary pathways to college programs.

We’ve cast a wide net into our community to engage our youth and provide opportunities for them to work alongside of industry professionals to develop both skills, networking, and internships as a means of driving careers and post-secondary education. Our goals are to continually add partners through the friends of ATS South Lake and expand what it means to shape the next generations of artists, musicians, actors, filmmakers, technicians, directors, and community leaders. In addition, ATS Student-Interns will work with industry professionals and gain experience in marketing, podcasting, event production, media production, theatre costuming, and much more.

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