CS Media

CS Media, LLC will provide black and brown scholars with educational and experiential learning in both written and broadcast journalism as well as Audio & Video Production! The instructor is a subject matter expert who is a seasoned national television and national radio broadcaster who wants to expose black and brown scholars to the field of journalism.

The organization will immerse scholars into the world of journalism and broadcasting that will forever change how they watch and listen to all types of news. CS Media is confident that this eye-opening course will motivate some scholars to pursue a career in broadcast journalism.

In addition, scholars will gain confidence in public speaking, which can open the door to other career pursuits such as politics, corporate leadership positions, or a voice for the community. The program is offered to scholars in grades 9-12 and will be held both virtual and in person in Seattle. For more info, click here to visit our website.  If interested in applying, complete the form below.

To be considered for the CS Media program, please complete this form. 

You must ALREADY be enrolled in a Lead program BEFORE applying to a SME.  If you are not already enrolled in a Lead program, Click Here to learn more.