Praxis Institute for Early Childhood Education


Knowing how Black scholars and adults learn best means knowing how to create learning environments where they flourish and thrive. The Praxis Institute for Early Childhood Education (Praxis ECE) will offer an Ashé Community Educator Certification Institute for all members of the Liberated Village. This is an opportunity to learn about the learning styles and preferences of Black scholars and how classrooms change when decades of research are put into practice.

Having this knowledge will give the Liberated Village the voice and verbiage it needs to advocate for a transformation of school classrooms. Members of the Liberated Village will also be able to serve on a community panel that observes and "certifies" current and future educators who teach Black scholars.

When educators understand Black learning styles, adult-child interactions, Black cultural capital, and inclusive learning environments, their relationships with Black scholars, their families, and their communities will deepen and become more authentic. The Institute will meet monthly and is open to scholars and adults. All books and materials will be provided and Community Panel Members will receive a stipend. Website coming soon.

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