Restore Assemble Produce

Working as a partner of the Liberation and Healing from Systemic Racism collective, R.A.P. will facilitate the YPAR/ CPAR (Youth Participatory Action Research/ Critical Participatory Action Research) process to implement the Liberated Village (LV) Strategies of Youth Leadership Development; Community Level Engagement; Systems and Policy Engagement; and Racial Equity, with and for LV partners.

R.A.P. utilizes its expertise and experience in exacting systems and policy change models through education and training, with an adult ally guiding youth through the research process, youth and adults are enabled to make the decisions necessary to move the project forward and ultimately become empowered to create social change.

The success of the YPAR/CPAR initiative is based on our values and ethos of working in unity and in alignment with the Liberated Village (LV) Collective strategy; collaboration with Seattle Cares Mentoring; policy change partners A. Phillip Randolph Institute and Erin Jones LLC; Adult Allies from University of Washington-Tacoma and from the Kent community.  Click here to visit our website.

To be considered for the Restore Assemble Produce program, please complete this form. 

Upon review of your submission, one of our representatives will be in contact with you via email or phone.