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Trafton Int’I Consulting Group is a management consulting company with objective of eradicating racism and inequality education. Currently, we are working in collaboration with Rainier Valley Leadership Academy which is a chartered community school serving 6th - 12th grades. The school is located on 6020 Rainier Avenue South, Seattle Washington.

We work with black and brown scholars in 9 - 12 grades. We encourage and support scholars to create a roadmap that truly reflect their interest, goals, aspirations and what they want to achieve in building a successful life.

Our purpose is to inspire, empower, and provide the scholars a more level playing field regardless of systemic racism and inequality education. Also, we help them to build a mindset of success so that they can have a shot at a better future in the society.



  1.  Youth Coaching:

First, we provide coaching to help scholars with self-awareness, confident, personal responsibility, good social skills, strong relationships, and taking charge of their own roadmap to success in life by reaching their full potential.

Our unique approach provides scholars the chance to live a happy and successful life that is a manifestation of hard work, strengths, beliefs, passion, values, and bold dreams.

  1.  Youth Leadership Development:

Second, we help scholars to develop essential leadership skills to include social and emotional intelligence, effective communication skills, collaboration, and relationships to get essential things done and contribute positively to their community.

  1.  Creating Opportunities:

Third, we help scholars to have an open mind set to professional and career opportunities that they can explore in building a successful lifestyle. We want the scholars to act now and take massive and deliberate action towards available opportunities that can enhance their lifestyle.

Here are some of our identified opportunities to include the following:

  • Entrepreneurship Program – with emphasis on teaching and helping scholars on how to generate business ideas, owning, and becoming a successful businessperson.  By: Skip Roland 
  • Technology Skill Development Program – with emphasis on learning about information technology to include coding and management in gaming industry.

 By: Mr. Amit Sing Jaggi, Microsoft Manager

  • Financial and Real Estate Program – with emphasis on learning about financial investments and creation of generational wealth.  By: Kennedy Akinlosotu
  • Urban Agriculture Program – with emphasis on learning about organic farming, gardening, crop sharing, and better nutrition by eating more organic foods that promotes good healthy family living.   By: Maybin Chesebuka
  • Skilled Trade Development Program – with emphasis on providing scholars alternatives to college degrees for those scholars that are not interested in going to college but interested in starting a professional career after high school.

We will provide scholars the opportunity to explore different professional job options (construction, CDL drivers, healthcare, retail, customer service, hair stylist, hospitality, chef, catering, bakery, and many more) that do not require a four-year college degree but opportunity for a good lifestyle.                                 



The success of our program and services is dependent on the scholars and their parents support and encouragement. However, we expect the following:

  • Parent’s full support and encouragement of their kids.
  • Scholars’ full participation in programs that they sign up to participate in.
  • Scholars’ self-discipline, accountability, pride, focus, and self-respect.



We are of the strong belief that scholars in our program should be provided reasonable cash or stipend and tangible experience incentives to enhance motivation, results, and success of our program. In addition, we believe the incentives will help the scholars to build character, increase engagement, and higher positive reinforcement.

Here are some of the incentives that we have built into our program for each school year:

  • Field trip to Microsoft Corporation Campus, Redmond
  • Field trip to the Urban Farm, Bellevue
  • Field trip to Washington State University Agricultural Department, Pullman
  • Field trip to Nation Reality Company, Kent
  • Nominal monetary stipend/award to start scholar’s own business. A panel of three business owners from the community will select the top three best business ideas for awards of $1,000 for first place, $750 for second place, and $500 for third place.
  • Nominal monetary/award to market own “Game Apps” for top three best coding gaming software.
  • Laptop Computer for enrolled scholars.
  • A 7-days cultural awareness visit to Ghana, West Africa. This incentive is subject to scholar’s full participation in our program for the school year.



Our focus is the impact our programs are having in the lives of scholars and their parents. The impact is measured on how effective our program is having on scholars and their parents and we intend to use impact as the base of measurement for success. Engagement in activities is acceptable but our emphasis is on the positive impact of the programs and on the lives of our participants.



  • Undoing Systemic and Internalized Racism …………Schedule TBD

This workshop is designed to help our audience examine residual impacts of generational slavery, trauma, and injustice in the lives of African American in the United States and ways to open real conversations on how the community and Liberated Village can use the strengths of past ancestors to heal in the present day despite adversity.                Dr. Dexter Gordon, Executive V.P. Evergreen College


  • Cultural / Heritage Identity ……………………………… Schedule TBD

This workshop is designed to promote and preserve the cultural heritage of African Americans in the United States and encourage Black and Brown youths to embrace their cultural heritage and avoid black youth identity. Dr. Omara Benjamin Abe



We believe scholars in our program will be successful if they abide by the prescribed principles below:

  • Self-awareness and Big dreams
  • Humility
  • Curiosity
  • Cheerful Outlook
  • Courage
  • Gratitude and Appreciation

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Upon review of your submission, one of our representatives will be in contact with you via email or phone.


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To be considered for the Trafton International Consulting Group program, please complete this form. 

Upon review of your submission, one of our representatives will be in contact with you via email or phone.