Unleash the Brilliance

Unleash The Brilliance provides Liberation and Healing from Systemic Racism for 70 scholars and their families in the Auburn School District. These 70 scholars attend Cascade and Olympic Middle school. 95 percent of our scholars are BIPOC. Unleash The Brilliance provides a THINK/PLAN/FLY Mentorship & Life Skills Coaching Philosophy that is connected to our Attendance Matters & Education Reengagement Workshops, Parent Training Workshops, Restorative Practices Workshops, Financial Health & Wellness Workshops, Outdoor Education Enrichment, and Experiential Learning Activities that improved the quality of life for our scholars and their families.

Ultimately, the comprehensive services and supports provided by Unleash The Brilliance, our partner, Your Money Matters Mentoring, and the Liberated Village will help our scholars heal from system racism, which reduces the trauma to performing at optimal efficiency. Our Liberated Village collective leadership will aid in infusing our scholars with a positive view of their future which translates to our scholars experiencing a healthier relationship with their teachers and staff.

A healthy relationship with their educational landscape distills into an improved culture and climate for our scholars producing an outcome of greater attendance in the classroom and routines that minimize sleep deprivation for better performance to participate, contribute, and finally excel.   Click here to visit our website.

To be considered for the Unleash the Brilliance program, please complete this form. 

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